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Food waste is a global problem that has enormous economic, social and environmental consequences. Every year, one-third of all food worldwide ends up unused. Such a waste!

The “In 100 days to zero food waste” is an initiative where participants take up the challenge to work towards a waste-free location in 100 days. This challenge was launched as part of the Net Positive Network by Deloitte in collaboration with the Vermaat Groep, Unilever, Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling, Orbisk and Too Good To Go. Participating in this challenge is one of multiple ways showing our commitment to reducing and ultimately eliminating food waste.

The approach is simple

  1. Commit to the ambition to see how far your location can get in 100 days in reducing food waste by joining a coalition of partners
  2. Define your current state of food waste (baseline)
  3. Choose and select the most impactful and applicable interventions to achieve the ambitions in collaboration
  4. Start the 100 days challenge, monitor progress every 30 days and share and learn from other locations
  5. Analyse the impact and results

Currently 6 (company) restaurants are part of the first challenge and we look forward to expanding this to 100 by the end of 2023!

How we collaborate:

  • Share & Learn sessions share experiences and learn together
  • Network dinners to broaden and strengthen your network
  • Established channels to gain exposure for your initiative
  • Access to existing communication material in digital form to tailor and re-use for your organization
  • And much more

Welkom bij ‘In 100 days to zero food waste’!

Wij vinden het fantastisch dat je deel wilt nemen aan de challenge.

Probeer hieronder zo veel mogelijk informatie in te vullen. Daarna ontvang je automatisch een e- mail met het Playbook en de communicatiematerialen zodat je direct van start kan.

We kijken uit naar de samenwerking uiteraard en een verspillingsvrije toekomst!

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Who have taken up the challenge so far:

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a marketplace that allows surplus food to be sold at discounted prices in the form of a surprise package. This not only helps reduce food waste, but also provides the opportunity for consumers and our guests to purchase inexpensive food. Download the app and check out what our restaurant has to offer.

The Vermaat Groep

The Vermaat Groep, as a hospitality specialist have committed to minimizing food waste in all of their restaurants. Their goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in food waste by 2027. They will do this by purchasing more efficiently, cooking with surpluses and educating their employees, patrons and guests. By participating in this initiative, they are challenging themelves to take an even bigger step and go all the way to zero food waste within 5 of their restaurants! That’s why they collaborate with Orbisk and Too good to go.



Unilever made Future Foods commitments such as halve food waste in their direct operations by 2025, zero waste to landfill and no good food destroyed, and through their brands help consumer waste less food at home. Collaboration is essential to reduce waste throughout the food chain. Good examples of this are Unilever’s partnerships with Too Good To Go, Foodello and charity organisations.


Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling

Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling aims to prevent, reduce and valorize food waste in every part of the food chain. Through collaboration across sectors and industries it aims to work towards a collective goal: Make the Netherlands one of the first countries to reduce food waste by 50%.



Orbisk has a smart food waste monitor that allow chefs to accurately measure and analyze food waste. By understanding waste patterns, kitchen teams can take targeted actions to reduce waste.

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Net Positive Network

You can play an important role in this initiative. By being conscious of the food you take and practice portion control to prevent plate waste. By serving a smaller amount of food as part of the buffet, and preparing more food on-demand food waste can be reduced. Preparing your dish fresh on request avoids overproduction and hence food waste. Together we can reduce food waste. 

In proud collaboration we fight food waste together. Join us and commit to a more sustainable future without food waste! You can get in touch with us via Net Positive Network.

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