net positive

Time to start giving back

It's time to acknowledge that we've been taking too much from our planet for far too long. The consequences are evident all around us, and we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to them any longer. It is time to bring this unsustainable system to a halt and flip it around. Let’s make up for what we messed up. And let’s do it now.

Welcome to the Net Positive Network

We're an unconfined network of business leaders, startups, opinion makers, experts, and producers. All committed to making a real difference. By joining the Net Positive Network, you're not only making a statement, but you're also pledging to be part of the solution. Together, we're creating momentum and building a movement that will change the way people think.

Rethinking energy needs

We need smart solutions, from innovation and collaborations, to reach our goals towards Net Positive. Starting with our food system. Let’s rethink everything we do throughout our whole chain to find where we can make a difference.

Together we can

We can only achieve our objectives if everyone in our movement actively participates and shares their knowledge and experience. By speaking up about what's on your plate, you can contribute to our shared solutions. We must be willing to listen and learn from each other to come up with the necessary solutions. Together, we can create a world where we can live within the planet's limits.

the net positive dinners

Twice a year we meet at a Net Positive dinner where we take a seat at a table full of inspiration. Here we share food and exchange ideas. We stand up to share experience and encourage each other to take action.

The dinners are a way to inspire and challenge each other. And this learnings and inspiration, we take with us during our Net positive practice. There we work together in coalitions on specific topics. The aim is to achieve results together fast

Welcome to the
Net Positive Network

let's give what it takes

let's partner up

And build a net positive future together